Sunday, 27 October 2019


Hello All,

The team are nearly home! As far as we are aware, Turkish Airlines now states the team will now be landing into Gatwick South terminal, as opposed to Gatwick North terminal as originally stated. 

We advise checking the Turkish Airlines website and search the Flight Status of TK1997 before setting off for the airport. 

Best wishes,

Day 11: The Final Day!

We had a lie in, which I must say was heavenly. We went to the market in Kampala and had to haggle the very steep prices down. We met a painter called Sebastianel who spoke about Brexit, and it turns out he was a Brexiteers. We had a reunion with our original driver Patrick, who went to get us Rolex’s. On the way back the teachers went to Shoprite where Mrs Bruce bought us chocolate but she is holding it hostage until the airport. We got back to the guest house and relaxed. For dinner, Archie, Ed, and Troy wore ‘stylish’ African attire.

Over dinner, there was discussion of the fragility of the male ego that relies on hot sauce as it’s gauge for worth. There was also lots of sweating from said hot sauce. We’re not sure if any lessons were learnt.

Overall it was an amazing trip with many thanks to Josh and Charlotte for guiding us and supporting us throughout. We have learnt a lot along the way and I’m sure that when we get back we will appreciate the little things a lot more. Big thanks to the teachers for living with us for nearly two weeks and being there for all our emotional and physical needs. We can’t wait to get home. Peace out.

Saturday, 26 October 2019

Day 10: Chimps!

The day started at 5.30, on the terrace collecting our packed breakfasts, lunches and hot coffee. We loaded all of our bags into the back of the van knowing we wouldn’t be coming back to red chilli camp.

We got to the Chimp trekking lodge at around 8, split into two teams and set off looking forward to our chimp adventures in the day ahead. The first group (Josh’s group) were the fastest to find chimps. The second group however weren’t so lucky, it took them 2 hours to find something more interesting than a earthworm, but we got there, found them and it was so worth it. Group 2 ended up staying in the clearing with the chimps and butterflies for just over an hour. Once the time was up we all hopped back in the vans for a glorious 6 hour drive back to our first guesthouse in Entebbe!

It is strange being back in our first guesthouse as it feels like months ago that we were here! Just played a game of cards and are off to shower and into bed for a lie in! ( At last )! We will fill you in with tomorrow’s adventure !

Friday, 25 October 2019

Day 9: safari at Murchison Falls

We set off from red chilli camp at 6am - we survived the night and luckily no one encountered any hippos during the multitude of toilet trips in the night! We arrived at the ferry crossing at 06.50 and had to wait 30 minutes to get on board. We thought Mrs Southgate might fall through the crack in the ferry and get eaten by a crocodile. We were then joined by our lovely guide Sarah who was very loud but funny and was constantly making us giggle as we endured the great African massage again.
We had open top roofs which allowed us to get some amazing photos, however it also allowed us to have a very adrenaline rushing encounter with a bull elephant that looked like it might charge at us! We all came out of the encounter unscathed. 

Following on from the thrilling experience our car got stuck in the mud, only to be saved by Becca and some Americans stopping to help. Becca, Bella, and Kirsten all had to use  ''all the energy we could find'' according to our tour guide to help push the bus out. In the afternoon we went on a boat safari to Murchison Falls which was amazing!! We hiked an hour up and down hills to reach the top of the falls and we got soaked by mist! 

Overall it was an incredible day, thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. We are all exhausted and looking forward to going to sleep. Hopefully we won't bump into any hippos tonight but we will update you tomorrow! 

Blog by Bella and Becca

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Day 8: Rhino sightings!

An early start this morning, even the staff at Casa Mia was definitely a treat after staying at Namakoko. We had beds and pizzas and showers!!! We drove a very long way, the longest one yet. Successfully we killed all mosquitos in the bus. Just before lunch, we went Rhino trekking. "A whole Rhino!" Becca shouted. We saw a whole  family; mum, dad and baby. Lunch was a treat. Chips have never tasted and smelled so good before. Charlotte and Isabella had about 5 naps which were very helpful and funny to see for everyone else. The famous African massage on the way into Murchison Falls was amusing. Especially because our necks were in pain because of all the naps. We have now safely arrived at Red Chilli Camp and are heading to bed for another early start. Most of us are petrified of facing a Hippo in the night as we've already faced a Gekko! We shall update you all tomorrow!

Blog by Bella on behalf of the team

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Day 7: time to say goodbye

After awaking from our rest at 6 yet again and eating our final Rolex’s. It was time for the group to make their way down to the market (in a town called Wakawaka). Upon arrival at the market, we saw a variety of vegetables (including more than 1 type of eggplant!) There was a large quantity of silver fish, which did end up stinking out the market. The view of the lake was magnificent!

When we came back to Namakoko, the teachers had prepared their goodbye speeches, which made everyone tear up. After the speeches were delivered, the teachers gave us all t-shirts and wristbands to remember them by. We took some photos with the community, said our final good-byes, and headed to the lovely guest house in Jinja where we are spending the night on actual beds!!!

Blog by Troy

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Day 6: our last day on the project

Final day here at Namakoko school before departing on our wildlife adventure. Today we have completed 2 projects; the main fields are now completely hoed and planted (much thanks to Archie) and we finished the Guard's night shelter. The kitchen is slightly larger than expected so will be finished by the locals in the near future. We were surprised to find out that in just one month the eggplant (planted today) will be ready to harvest.

We had the luxury of spending one last afternoon with the children we have bonded so closely with. With Ed and Archie playing football with the builders (an unsuccessful but fun game) and Bella, Tom, Becca, Kirsten and Troy chatting with the kids. After our long day on the projects, it was time to shower. Bella and Kirsten had a nice shower in the rain and Becca had an incredible experience/visitor involving a chicken with much help from Tom  and Kirsten. We ended the long, tiring day with our 'fave meal' beans and rice, with potatoes, Chapati and to much to Ed's amusement cabbage (who had to have an aeroplane).

We are so sad to say goodbye to a beautiful village in which we have met some great people, cute babies and made incredible memories. Yet we must  go on to Murchison Falls...our next adventure.

Blog by the Adams' on behalf of the team